Everybody needs Somebody

“Everybody needs somebody to love”… That’s how the song goes. In fact, that particular suggestion is common to numerous melodies, in subtly different ways. Think about it. The image of being needed is central to virtually every love song in history. Yes, I know it’s still January, so this isn’t intended to be a Valentine. And […]

If I were not upon the stage…

“If I were not upon the stage, someone else I’d like to be…” You know the song, even if your lyrics may differ from anyone else. It’s an old standard from panto, and has even been performed by Sir Paul McCartney. Having done a few “turns” myself, I felt a mention of that particular verse […]

Information Overload!

WWW’s “historical” logo created by Robert Cailliau I blame Tim Berners-Lee, myself. The inventor of the world wide web has a lot to answer for. Would you agree? Let me explain. Every morning I follow a particular routine. The first part involves letting the dog out in the back garden, then progresses through starting the […]

Age is a funny thing

(When you’re as old as I am, you need a good laugh…) There you go: not much of a gag, but something personal from me that (in a way) sums up my take on life. I like to look on the lighter side of humanity. I have never failed to put humour into my writing, […]

It’s all in the mind…

One of the common reactions to my writing is “I don’t know what goes on in your brain” – usually from my wife! To be fair, she has a point. How many of us really understand why our brains work the way they do? I always resort to the general principle that, when I was […]

Giant Footsteps

Look at this photograph. What does it suggest to you?  Yes, it’s a tree by a river – but to my mind it is almost as if the tree is walking, possibly even climbing up the bank. The photographer has captured a moment that we all know couldn’t possibly be happening, and yet..? Most of us […]

The Christmas Better Half

At the end of December last year, I shared an insight into a personal experience over Christmas. Suffice to say a lot of people enjoyed reading about my mother-in-law’s mishap with her skirt, so here’s another tale that may provoke a smile: A few months ago, my wife and I were fortunate to buy a […]

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