Everybody does it, don’t they?

If you can’t Try Before You Buy, then the next best thing is to see what verdict or conclusion was arrived at by someone else. I describe myself as “a writer and a performer”, and I’ve been doing both for a long time. There have been occasions when the critics have been happy to share their opinions so, just for you, here are a few examples of feedback on each area of my work:

Magazine Review of a short story, July 2022

Esther Chilton, Writers’ Forum Magazine

“Could the events of the past have tentacles linking to the current day? Thus intriguing and absorbing, this mystery contains a fey element that captivated this reader’s attention. Well written with good characterisation, this fascinating mystery will keep you turning the pages. Highly recommended.”

Lizzie Hayes, Mystery People Newsletter

Review of The Great Coarse Acting Show, June 1990

Alan Barnes, Blackpool Gazette

Content for a business website, February 2023

“The article written for us by Alan was turned around promptly, well researched, articulate and aligned with our tone of voice perfectly; capturing the professional, but relaxed and playful personality we were looking for.”

Danielle Heward

Founder & Lead Change-Maker, Optimo

JAPE Productions first live show: The Red Rose Tattoo, August 2018

“Best part about this book is that it IS a RIPPER, easy to read and difficult to insert a bookmark.”

Linc Barrington, Delamere Church Secretary, South Australia

Review of A Christmas Carol – The Panto! December 2014

Julian Wilde, Blackpool Gazette

“I found it a very different read to The Murder Tree, and I really enjoyed it. I tend to read historical fiction or flashy modern crime, and I thought it was a really good blend of looking at the history of the Titanic story as well as a more modern political thriller. What surprised me was how little I actually knew of the Titanic story, and I found myself googling things and educating myself alongside the story. Another thing that I really appreciated was how it lived inside the same fictional universe as The Murder Tree, but wasn’t a sequel. It’s not something that I have encountered very often actually, where a more minor character in one book then goes on to take a more major role in another. It’s a nice trick.”

Robin Crawshaw, Reading Development Manager, Lancashire Libraries

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